With Smartware, there is no more fear of dropping that heavy glass pan or having to transfer your items from a hot metal pan to an airtight storage container. With Smartware, you can go from oven to freezer without stopping in between. This amazing Bakeware can be used to cook, bake and even roast almost anything. Bread, lasagna, chicken, roasts, cookies all done to perfection!

Made from a high-gloss, non-stick finish and will not retain odors or flavors. It's extremely flexible and nothing sticks to it! Imagine no more cookies stuck to the pan or cakes too hot to remove without cracking in half! When you finish baking something, you just twist the pan, flip it over and, voila, whatever you baked just falls out!

Smartware is a flexible cookware made from Temperflex. Temperflex allows you to take your Smartware from baking to freezing in a blink. Smartware Bakeware can go from 60 F below zero to almost 500 F above without warping, melting, or flaking. This amazing Bakeware can be used with all types of cooking, such as roasting, baking, and cooking bread, cookies, etc.

It certainly can go in the freezer, into the microwave, the oven, or the dishwasher without fear of melting, warping or flaking into bits. And no more worries about rusty metal pans or chipped glass falling into your brownie batter.